The Company

Pampa´s Way is a small company from Argentina that was born in 2012 with the idea of making knives with the noblest materials that our country can provide and the sale of blades to fit those knives. It all started little by little, and after ten years we became specialists in manufacturing artisan knives and regional items. All of our products are made by hand, by artisans throughout Argentina. We use the highest quality materials, which translates into unique products, valued by those who know and appreciate gaucho culture and art.

We always pursue the idea of bringing people who appreciate culture closer to the Argentine tradition.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer the best of our gaucho culture worldwide. 

The commitment to quality prompts us to carefully supervise the details of completion, as well as the presentation and delivery of the products.

Our Vision

Through the years, we have been incorporating other products and our idea has always been to offer the best of our country to the world.

At Pampa´s Way we work hard every day to offer you the best care and service.

Our work team is dedicated to providing the customer with a friendly, agile and personalized attention, oriented to satisfy their needs with the widest variety of regional items according to their preferences.

Our Argentinian Store

Welcome! All of our products are handmade by local artisans who print in each one of their works all the love and dedication for Argentine culture. We believe that products can convey sensations and we seek that those who purchase them can be transported to unique places or moments. We seek to publicize our gaucho culture that remains so appreciated inside and outside of Argentina. Customizing them is also being able to make them important and your own, or perfect for gifts. Each knife is special. The materials and details of the handle give it a unique importance and elegance; and the possibility of personalizing them, makes them perfect for gifts.