Australian Ventilated Cotton Hat for Man


  • Australian Ventilated Cotton Hat
  • With Australian cup
  • Designed for summer, the beach and the sun
  • Brim size: 8 centimeters
  • Ventilated Cotton

As it is a handmade product, some details of the displayed model may vary.

All products are handmade in Argentina.

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❤ Hat Care

Your hat, whether leather or cotton, needs certain care in case it suffers stains:

Ventilated Cotton and Fine Fabric: You can clean it by wiping it with a brush or cloth soaked in white soap foam and water. Do not wet it directly or place it in the washing machine, as this may damage the shape of the cup and the material.

Oiled Leather: You can maintain its impeccable condition as if it were just purchased with a colorless leather cream. Like the ventilated cotton hat, we do not under any circumstances recommend putting it in the washing machine or getting it wet.

Nobucado Leather: First of all, brushing it with a stiff brush is the most efficient way to maintain the hat. In case of stains, we recommend always letting them dry and settle before removing them with brushing.

  • Gaucho and Handcrafted

We only use the best material our land has to offer. This reflects into unique handmade products. We craft our products with the philosophy of the Gaucho Culture. We bring to the present its values, art and way of co-existing with the countryside. And so, we work with artisans throughout the country, fomenting the local Argentine economy.

We also offer an engraving service in selected products, giving you the chance to personalize them. These are ideal for Corporate Gifts or for family and friends. Find the one you like the most, and share unique gifts that leave a great impression because of their distinction, beauty and durability.

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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions33 × 12 × 20 cm
Australian Ventilated Cotton Hat for Man

Australian Ventilated Cotton Hat for Man

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