Classic Black Gaucho Pants “Bombacha de Campo”


Comfortable and resistant, this “Bombacha de Campo” is part of the classic clothing of the everyday of the Gaucho.

  • Handcrafted
  • In different sizes to match your own style

As it is a handmade product, some details of the displayed model may vary.

All products are handmade in Argentina.

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❤  How to take care of your Gaucho Pants

Gabardine Gaucho Pants are made of a tough and strong fabric. This makes it a long lifespan garment when we wash it properly and take good care of it. We recommend doing it by hand and avoiding abrasive detergents, as this could change the texture of the garment. It should always be dried in the shade, never in direct sunlight for long periods of time. Irone at a low temperature.

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We know the Gaucho clothing as “pilcha”. It typically includes a poncho, “bombacha de campo” which is similar to a pair of pants, a big belt with patterns and decorations, and “chiripá”. They took the best of the Native American inhabitants, and the Spanish conquistadors, to make a culture of their own.

From that autonomous culture with the values ​​of the countryside, work and freedom, we take inspiration to create “pilcha gaucha”. We also created modern accessories with the gaucho imprint, to bring this philosophy to our everyday lives.

Get to know more about the Gaucho Style.

  • Gaucho and Handcrafted

We only use the best material our land has to offer. This reflects into unique handmade products. We craft our products with the philosophy of the Gaucho Culture. We bring to the present its values, art and way of co-existing with the countryside. And so, we work with artisans throughout the country, fomenting the local Argentine economy.

We also offer an engraving service in selected products, giving you the chance to personalize them. These are ideal for Corporate Gifts or for family and friends. Give unique gifts that leave a mark for their distinction, beauty and durability.


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Classic Black Gaucho Pants "Bombacha de Campo"

Classic Black Gaucho Pants "Bombacha de Campo"

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