Iron Griddle For Barbecue, Stove Or Kitchen


  • Made with heavy-duty iron and wood handles
  • For your Roasts/BBQs and everyday kitchen dishes
  • Choose your favorite size form the ones we have available

As it is a handmade product, some details of the displayed model may vary.

All our products are handmade in Argentina.

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  • Accessories & Tools

We always think of those moments of joy we can make ourselves for us and the ones we love. To have more people creating more memories with talks around the fire and a meal, we craft these tools. We get together with artisans and take this tools from the fire, to give them to you for your fire. In our BBQ Accessories section you’ll find what you need to cook a perfecto BBQ, Roast or Asado. Iron Griddle, Set of Fireplace Tools for Barbecues and Fireplace Tools for makinf and taking care of your coal: everything you want is here.

  • Argentinian Asado

Gauchos perfectioned the art of making meat over coal and wood. That’s why we like to make sure we honor that passion and fire they had, and create tools that embody those qualities.

The Asado had a value beyond food. It’s to this day a gastronomic ritual. One where the “asador” uses the most special  Grill tools. and Grill and Carving Sets. And of course, our Iron Griddle available in different sizes and woods, adapting to any situation. It’s a liturgical act that connects family or friends around the fire, just enjoying the moment of a simple but delicious meal.

  • Gaucho and Handcrafted

We only use the best material our land has to offer. This reflects into unique handmade products. Our products are crafted with the philosophy of the Gaucho Culture, bringing to the present its values, art and way of co-existing with the countryside. And so, we work with artisans throughout the country, fomenting the local Argentine economy.

We also offer an engraving service in selected products, giving you the chance to personalize them. These are ideal for Corporate Gifts or for family and friends. Find the one you like the most, and share unique gifts that leave a great impression because of their distinction, beauty and durability.

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Iron Griddle For Barbecue, Stove Or Kitchen. Iron Plate For Steak Or Vegetables

Iron Griddle For Barbecue, Stove Or Kitchen

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