Short Leather Strap Keychain


  • Thought to match your own style
  • Made out of natural leather

As it is a handmade product, some details of the displayed model may vary.

All products are handmade in Argentina.

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❤ How to take care of your Leather Strap Keychain

Here we give you a couple of tips so that you know better how to treat your leather strap keychain over time. Leather is usually a precious material and sought after for more than one reason. It’s strong, durable and reliable, as well as beautiful and attractive. A leather garment can last you for years, and with proper care it will remain pristine.

We recommend you not to clean leather pieces, as over time it develops a unique patina taking on its own style depending on how you use it. This feature makes it a unique and personal product.

In case of suffering liquid stains, absorb it with a dry cloth and without rubbing. Then, let it dry at room temperature, without exposing it to the sun. Avoid contact with soap, alcohol, grease and abrasives. They can alter the color or cause deterioration of your leather keychain.

  • Get to know your Leather

Cowhide, buffalo, leather, chamois, faux leather. What are the differences? Here we tell you all you kneed to know about the different types of Leather we use to craft Wallets and as well as Bags and Purses.

Cowhide, Hair and Buffalo Leather characterize by a high resistance and fidelity. It is usually the most worked and popular of all materials in it’s category, feature that relies on its merit and beauty. On the other hand, the Simil Capybara Leather is valued for its exotic condition, in addition to its softness, resistance and unmistakable pattern on the surface. Finally Faux Leather is an ecological alternative to traditional leather, being much less aggressive for nature.

We believe that each type of leather has its own style and beauty. That’s why we give each one a place to shine in our repertoire of Gaucho Accessories.

  • Gaucho and Handcrafted

We only use the best material our land has to offer. This reflects into unique handmade products. Our products are crafted with the philosophy of the Gaucho Culture, bringing to the present its values, art and way of co-existing with the countryside. And so, we work with artisans throughout the country, fomenting the local Argentine economy.

We also offer an engraving service in selected products, giving you the chance to personalize them. These are ideal for Corporate Gifts or for family and friends. Give unique gifts that leave a mark for their distinction, beauty and durability.

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Short Leather Strap Keychain

Short Leather Strap Keychain

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