Thermo For Making Mate


Mate is an ancient infusion made with “yerba mate”, warm water, and a container also called “mate”. Yes, the drink is called mate, and so is the container.

But don’t get it wrong, mate is more than a drink. Over the years, people have gathered around it to tell stories and share moments. And so it became a symbol of union, love, and encounter ‘till these days.

Thermo characteristics

  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • 1lt capacity
  • Ideal for making some mates!

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❤  How to cure your Argentinian Mate Cup and How to take care of it

Place used yerba mate, or yerba and then warm water with your thermo. Let rest for 24 hours. Finally, discard the yerba with the help of a spoon or mate straw or “bombilla”, making sure to remove all the excess.

Wash the inside after use, only with water and never leave it wet. In this way, you can prevent the ferrule from coming out and the leather from shrinking.

  • Shall we make a Mate Drink?

You will need yerba, a “bombilla” and your thermo. Put yerba up to three quarters of the mate cup. Cover it with your hand and shake it, leaving a smaller amount of yerba at the base and more near the ferrule, forming a “little cliff”. Serve water in the part with the least amount of yerba, where the “bombilla” would go. Let it rest for a minute. Continue pouring the water in the wet side, keeping the other one dry. Place the “bombilla” on the wet side, covering it with your thumb so that no air enters in it.

  • Gaucho and Handcrafted

We only use the best material our land has to offer. This reflects into unique handmade products. Our products are crafted with the philosophy of the Gaucho Culture, bringing to the present its values, art and way of co-existing with the countryside. And so, we work with artisans throughout the country, fomenting the local Argentine economy.

We also offer an engraving service in selected products, giving you the chance to personalize them. These are ideal for Corporate Gifts or for family and friends. Find the one you like the most, and share unique gifts that leave a great impression because of their distinction, beauty and durability.

Thermo for Making Mate

Thermo For Making Mate

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